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Refer a New Member and Win! . . .

Everyone wins when the CSAE community gets stronger. When you recruit a new member, you are eligible to win a cash prize – and CSAE wins by having a new member to contribute, engage and grow. Join in growing our community by asking any of the following people to become a member today:

  • Your colleague who is new to association management
  • The lobbyist you are working with who wants to expand his client base
  • The supplier who provides your association with a service and wants more association clients
  • Your friend who works at a not-for-profit and works to serve volunteers and clients with limited resources
  • The consultant you are working with on a key projectYour peer who is looking to advance his networking and career

For reach new member recruited, you receive an entry in that month’s drawing for $100 as well as entry in the $500 grand prize. Visit the CSAE Membership Campaign page or download the Tools, Rules, and Information packet.

The contest is open only to CSAE members.