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ASK THE EXPERT–30 Minutes Free Legal Consultation

Have you ever had a question that required a quick answer? Have you wondered who to turn to for trusted legal advice? Or, does your association have business or members that cross state lines and you find yourself needing assistance from a firm that knows the laws in various states? It’s scary when you don’t know where to go for answers to your specific problems or challenges.

CSAE has arranged with three legal firms to provide CSAE members with 30 minutes free legal consultation per incident. After the 30 minutes if you need additional time, you can then establish a client/attorney relationship with legal counsel. Normal and not-so-normal association management questions are acceptable, including:

  • Contracts – strategic partnerships/ sponsorships; technology, service and hotel agreements
  • Human Resources – employment law, personnel policies
  • Compliance – regulatory issues, credential issues, public disclosure, tax exemptions,Form 990
  • Governance – risk management; policies, bylaws, mergers

You must be a member in good standing with CSAE to participate in this new program. For more details about this Members Only benefit, click here.