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Bob Harris, CAE, provides continuing commentary on ways to improve and streamline theĀ  functionality of your association. You can download and view his most recent articles below.

Disappointing the Executive Director by Bob Harris, CAE and Maile Ilac Boeder, IOM (Spring 2018)
If problems arise between board and executive director, here are suggestions to create opportunities to clarify and learn.

New on the Board? Ask Questions by Bob Harris, CAE (April 2018)
Some examples of board traps and how they might be addressed by a new director.

Innovative Agenda Practices by Bob Harris, CAE and Bill Pawlucy, CAE (Spring 2018)
Traditional agenda formats may be wasting board time. Brainstorm ways to craft a more innovative agenda for an improved meeting experience.

You can view and download additional articles by Bob Harris by clicking here.