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GDPR . . . You’ve probably seen the acronym, but don’t understand its meaning to your organization. GDPR is basically a set of rules and regulations that digitally monitors and keeps a tab on how the citizen’s data is being processed and for what pur­poses. GDPR imposes new requirements for how organizations process and maintain personal data for people residing within the European Union.

There’s plenty of information available about it, perhaps too much. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of resources for you. Some resources available are commercial in nature, but contain valuable information and you may have to sometimes sort the wheat from the chaff.

The list below should give you a good start on understanding what you need to do if anything. Note that inclusion on the list does not imply any type of endorsement by CSAE, either of the companies, authors, or products that may be mentioned in the resource. You can also find this list of resources at https://www.csae.org/gdpr-resources. We’ll keep it updated with new additions as we come across them.


Countdown to GDPR, Associations Now Magazine

New EU data privacy regulations with teeth — GDPR, David Carnes, Arcstone

Getting to Grips with GDPR and the Grey Areas, Interview with David Chalmers, Senior Marketing Director, Europe, Cvent

Higher Logic and the GDPR (If you’re a Higher Logic user, web page discusses what Higher Logic is doing re GDPR)

4 Data Issues to Act on Now, as GDPR Looms, Associations Now Magazine

Reports Suggest Many Organizations Aren’t Ready for GDPR, Associations Now Magazine


What GDPR Means for You, 4-part online course from ASAE (Go to the web page, then search for GDPR

Handbooks, Books, and Guides

Conducting Privacy Impact Assessments, Code of Practice, UK Information Commissioner’s Office

Preparing for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 12 steps to take now, UK Information Commissioner’s Office

The Event Planners Guide to GDPR Compliance, eventsforce

All You Need to Know about GDPR, Hubilo

GDPR ASAP: A Seven-Step Guide to Prepare for the General Data Protection Regulation, ObservePoint

The GDPR Most Wanted: The Marketer and Analyst’s Role in Compliance, ObservePoint


Opengdpr  https://opengdpr.org/


GDPR Impact Series 2018 (Research report identifying the impact of GDPR on marketers), Tealium