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Surge Optimism, a free interactive virtual international conference for association professionals from around the world runs November 7-9.

CSAE has partnered with AssociationSuccess.org to assemble association executives from around the world under one virtual roof for a meaningful and fruitful conversation about innovation. With the theme of optimism for the future, the 3-day, 12-session virtual conference brings together experts from across the association space to focus on equipping attendees with the concepts and skills to approach the future in a proactive and productive way.

Attendees will have exclusive access to these sessions on the days of the event and will be able to communicate with each other and with the speakers in simultaneous live chats.

The collaborative and participatory nature of the event means that the more people in attendance, the greater the potential for problem-solving and knowledge-sharing. Immediately upon registration, participants will find opportunities for collaboration already on the event page, including co-writing projects and a chat forum.

To learn more about this free virtual conference, click here!  https://surgeoptimism.snoball.events/e/colorado-society-of-association-executives