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New Insights from Bob Harris, CAE

Directors Wear Many Hats by Bob Harris, CAE (January 2019)
What hat are you wearing: board member, chapter director, supplier?

Build Upon the Mission by Bob Harris, CAE (February 2019)
Documents that build upon the mission and enhance the organization.

New Year, Clean Slate for Governance by Bob Harris, CAE (January 2019)
For some associations the governance-year begins now. It’s time to wipe the slate clean. Focus on producing results in the year ahead. Agree upon a vision.

The Case Against Monthly Board Meetings by Bob Harris, CAE (January 2019)
How frequently should the board meet? The best answer: When there is a reason to convene for the purpose of governance.

Board Decorum by Bob Harris, CAE (February 2019)
Insights on the importance on board decorum.

Living the Association’s Values by Bob Harris, CAE (December 2018)
Are you living your values on behalf of your members?

Taming Committee Reports at Board Meetings by Bob Harris, CAE, and Dana L. Saal, CMP, CAE (January 2019)
Three ways to trim committee reports at board meetings.