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Gain new perspectives on association management while giving back to CSAE!

Applications are now being accepted for CSAE Board of Directors positions.

CSAE is looking for a few good members who are committed to the growth of CSAE and its membership; who would like to gain new perspectives on association management; who have ideas and vision; who are willing to contribute their expertise, time, and energy.

There are a total of four positions available on the CSAE Board of Directors beginning July 1. 2019. Each term is for two years. Of these positions, two must be filled by association CEOs, one position by an association professional who may or may not be a CEO, and one position by an associate member. An individual must be a CSAE member for at least one (1) year prior to being considered as a candidate for the board of directors.

The board meets four times per year. Each board member is assigned a minimum of one committee for which they become the board liaison or chair. Additional responsibilities will be assigned to each board member during the year.

If you are interested in serving on the CSAE Board of Directors please, download, complete, and submit the application form to the CSAE office by March 15, 2019.