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CSAE Board Opposes Denver Initiated Ordinance 300

This week, the CSAE Board took a position to oppose Denver Initiated Ordinance 300

This ordinance, if passed, will give anyone the right to camp indefinitely on any public property. This includes sidewalks, easements, parks, and any other piece of property that is in part or fully public.  It also allows people to live permanently in a legally parked car – in front of your house or business.  If this initiative passes it could be deemed a violation of someone’s civil rights if they are asked to move or if someone offers services to a homeless person.

CSAE is concerned about the homeless problem in Denver, but Ballot Initiative 300 is not a solution. It does NOT provide any new funding for services like shelters, job training, or address the causes of homelessness.  Allowing people to sleep outside in public places permanently is not safe, healthy or helpful for the people experiencing homelessness or our community.

Legally allowing the homeless population or transients to camp indefinitely near the entrance to a business, in any area including public parks, or in public trash dumpster enclosures may negatively impact the tourism and meetings industry in Colorado.  It may also cause unforeseen issues to associations who host meetings and events at their own offices and may cause disruption for members and employees. 

If you would like to learn more about the opposition campaign, you may do so by going to www.togetherdenver.com.