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The 2019 Association Executive Compensation and Benefits Survey is now complete and a detailed 91-page report of the findings is now available. 

Conducted in the spring of 2019, the survey measured compensation levels, fringe benefits, personnel practices and benefits practices in 30 states, including Colorado. The survey covers executive and staff positions, budget size, association type, and regional location.

The report is presented in two sections, one covering the entire 30 states participating and the other section detailing the state of Colorado. Click here to download the Table of Contents

The report is available to CSAE members for $150. CSAE members who participated in the survey receive an additional $50 discount. The non-member cost is $295.To purchase the complete downloadable report (PDF format), visit the CSAE store.

Additional information is available from Joan Tezak, CMP, CAE, at the CSAE office 303-650-0301.