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A new compendium of articles by Bob Harris, CAE, focuses on the and role and functioning of high-performance association boards. Potentially the best advice according to Harris is to realize that the MISSION is the destination and the STRATEGIC PLAN is the roadmap or GPS. Between the destination and the journey, much can be achieved. But governance is open misinterpretation and misunderstanding. This compilation of 19 articles touches on topics such as board size, director evaluations, auditing the strategic plan, and association values. They are intended to spark conversations and support continuous improvement.

Download the compendium.


Save 200 Hours on Board Meetings
Board Size Matters
Chasing Squirrels
Check the Boxes – Director Evaluation
Curbing Mission Creep and
Who Sits Next to You at the Board Table?
Advice from Past Presidents
Audit the Strategic Plan
Taming Committee Reports
Technology Improves the Consent Agenda
Directors Wear Many Hats
Association CPR – Commitment, Performance and Results
Your Mission Statement is Not a Holiday Turkey!
The Case Against Monthly Board Meetings
New Year, Clean Slate for Governance
Living the Association’s Values
The Humble Board Member
Why Directors Volunteer
Between the Rails