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CSAE has launched a new listserv, professionals@csaelistsrv.org, for Professional members.

With professionals@csaelistsrv.org, members can get answers to association questions, share information with peers, or simply engage in an association conversation. The CSAE listserv is open only to Professional CSAE members, no associate/vendor members or non-members. The listserv is only for association-related topics and information. It is not for political discussions, commercial information or job/employee searches

To use the listserv, simply send an email with your question or comment to professionals@csaelistsrv.org. The email will be forwarded directly to all members of the listserv for reply. To reply to an email, hit the reply button and enter any comments.

Participation in the listserv is by request only. Send an email to jt@csae.org requesting to subscribe.
Comments or questions can also be directed to JT at jt@csae.org.