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CSAE is where we build relationships that will advance our careers, relationships that will help us serve our associations better, and relationships that will make us better at what we do in life.

Are you ready to join the CSAE Volunteer Community? We have just the right spot for you.

Being a volunteer gives you the opportunity to meet new people, take-away new ideas that will help you with your own association management, develop a fresh skill and make a contribution to your industry, your profession and your community. You will help build your résumé and give something back to the profession. Most importantly it will be something that you will enjoy.

If you have not yet volunteered some of your time and talent for CSAE, it’s easy.

  • Review the volunteer opportunities
  • Check your top choices on the volunteer reply form
  • You will be contacted regarding the status of your application
  • Questions? Call JT at 303-650-0301 or jt@csae.org

We look forward to having you join the team!

Standing Committees 2017 – 2018

Membership Recruitment, and Retention
Tasks: Create and implement a membership development and membership retention plan.
Size: As needed
Meetings: Monthly
Chair: Paul Caputo, National Association for Interpretation

Tasks: Identifies candidates for election to the CSAE Board of Directors.
Size: 5 members. Chair is past president. 3 professional members and 1 associate member. The final decision on the composition of the committee is made by the current president and approved by the board.
Meetings: 2 meetings via telephone
Chair: Brian Stockman, American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers

Professional Development
Tasks: Based on identified needs, recommends education content and potential presenters for education programs and education experiences.
Size: 7 to 20 members
Meetings: Monthly or as needed
Co-Chairs: Adrienne Segundo, Limitless Association Solution Resource; Cara Stan, Metro Denver Dental Society

Task Forces 2017 – 2018

Communications and Marketing
Tasks: Work with existing committees and working groups to review the CSAE communications vehicles and make recommendations to the CSAE Board of Directors concerning ways to build awareness of CSAE programs, events, and services.
Size: As needed
Meetings: Quarterly
Chair: Andrea Berumen, Associated General Contractors of Colorado

Executive Memo Editorial
Tasks: Plan yearly editorial calendar. Produce and edit copy. Manage article submissions. Provide recommendations for content, format, marketing, advertising, and layout as requested.
Size: 5 – 7 members
Meetings: Quarterly prior to the development of each issue
Chair: Marilee Yorchak, CAE, Digital Analytics Association
Vice Chair: Leslie Shivers, CAE Association Pro to Go, LLC

Public Policy
Tasks: Monitors state legislation and ballot initiatives, identifies policy issues, and makes recommendations when necessary to the CSAE Board consistent with the CSAE Legislative Guidelines.
Size: At discretion of chair
Meetings: Regular communication during legislative session
Chair: Nancy Burke, Apartment Association of Metro Denver

Silent Auction
Tasks: Explore new avenues for engaging members while raising funds for CSAE. Plan and coordinate silent auction.
Size: 5 – 7 members.
Meetings: Quarterly during year. As needed during auction.
Chair: Corky Kyle III, MPA, CAE, The Kyle Group, LLC

Join the CSAE Volunteer Community

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