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Benefits and opportunities to meet the challenges of association management

CSAE is a tireless advocate for the association community, working to educate diverse audiences as to the significance and value of associations. As the official community for association industry professionals in Colorado, CSAE strives to help you develop as a professional and advance your organization through the provision of valuable, in-demand, future-focused opportunities for learning, networking, and career development.

Essential learning and professional development opportunities

Lunch With Leaders

Online learning

Holiday luncheon

Workshops, seminars, roundtables

Annual multi-day conference

Industry news

Peer networking

Closed group roundtables 

Members-only shared interest groups

Volunteer leadership opportunities


Industry-focused publications

Membership directory

Quarterly magazine – Executive Edge

Monthly newsletter – Briefly Speaking


Other resources

CSAE website

Online articles, publications, and research

CSAE library – Sample association management documents and templates, including bylaws, certification materials, forms, manuals, policies, RFPs, job descriptions, and more

Association sponsored-research and industry intelligence

Association Executive Compensation and Benefit Survey

Online Career Headquarters

Professional MembersListserve

Mobile App

Online Communities


Meet-ups and receptions

Education programs

Annual conference

Vital contacts (both within and outside of your particular industry)

Social media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter

Online Communities

Professional Members Listserve


Association advocacy

Legal and legislative updates and analyses

Voice in Washington and the Colorado Statehouse

Legislative Reception


Professional certification

Certified Association Executive (CAE)

Qualified Association Specialist (QAS)

CMP accepted programs


Marketing and sales contacts

CSAE event sponsorships

Annual conference

Event networking

Executive Memo advertising

Membership directory

Website advertising

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CSAE is the community that fosters personal excellence for all within the association management profession.



CSAE is committed to delivering high-value programs and services. If a CSAE member is not completely satisfied with any CSAE offering, CSAE will make it right or refund said member’s money.


CSAE in principle and in practice values and seeks a diverse and inclusive membership. There shall be full participation in this association by all people, regardless of race, gender, creed, age, sexual orientation, national origin, or disability.