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An Overview of CSAE

Your Resource. Your Network. Your Association.

CSAE is partnering with Association Laboratory, America’s leading association research company to increase access to high-quality research at a discounted rate.

CSAE members can apply a special 25% discount to the following Looking Forward™ education products: 

Looking Forward™ 2019 is the association sector’s most recent, relevant and useful environmental scan of the association strategy environment. For the first time, the report includes insights by association CEOs into the strategies they believe will be critical to success as well as a 6-year meta-study looking at changes in the association business environment over time. For those who participated in the survey at the end of 2018, this report is provided to you at no cost. 

To access your free copy of the Looking Forward 2019 Executive Summary report, click here.

For additional details, or to obtain the discount code contact JT at jt@csae.org.