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B2B Reverse Trade Show

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New at the 2017 CSAE Conference


The CSAE Business to Business Reverse Trade Show

You asked for it and CSAE is delivering. A brand new, appointment-only event, The CSAE Business to Business Reverse Trade Show, helps kick off the 2017 conference program.

On Sunday, June 25 from 2 pm to 4:30 pm, top-level conference sponsors may schedule advance appointments to meet every 8 minutes with association decision-makers. This is an opportunity to pitch your property, service, or product. Association professionals participating in this event are the TRUE decision makers who have the authority to make purchases. Sponsors are guaranteed at least 6 appointments, maybe more, depending upon the sponsorship level.

Space is limited and slots will fill fast, so become a top sponsor today. Contact Ani Walker at Association Media Partners at 303-502-2516 or awalker@associationmediapartners.com and secure your sponsorship package.

Association professionals interested in participating should call the CSAE office at 303-650-0301 or send an email to jt@csae.org.

It’s fast paced. Fun. Productive. (and, there will be special food and beverages served as well).

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