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Certified Association Executive

Your path to a career in associations
On-Line CAE Prep Course

The CAE prep course from the Michigan Society of Association Executives and provided through CSAE helps you prepare to become CAE’s through online learning, CAE Study Guides,reading outlines, mock exams, and more. CSAE members receive the SAE Member rate. Download the brochure. Learn more.

The Certified Association Executive (CAE) designation is the most prestigious professional designation for individuals in association management. It is the recognized career path among association leaders and the mark of distinction throughout the profession. The CAE designation elevates professional standards, enhances individual performance, and identifies and recognizes association professionals who demonstrate the knowledge essential to managing an association in today’s challenging, fast-paced environment. Expand your knowledge. Heighten professional recognition. Accelerate your career. Become a CAE this year!

CAE Resources

Online Overview CSAE’s new online video info session is an excellent introduction to the CAE.  In the video, Lori Furtado, CAE, Senior Director of Credentialing with ASAE, explains the purpose and value of the designation, eligibility requirements, the examination, and more.  Access this free 10-minute overview. Important CAE Dates The 2018 CAE examinations will be held on May 4 (Application deadline of February 23) and  December 7, 2017 (Application deadline of September 28). If you are planning to take the exam, or are interested in participating in a study group, contact the CSAE office. Find Out More About the CAE Program Visit the ASAE web site information about earning and maintaining your CAE

Colorado Certified Association Executives

Updated 9/13/2017

Go Further with CAE

Learn how CSAE members enhanced their credibility with board leaders, members, and colleagues by earning their CAE designation. Read the article from the Spring issue of the Executive Memo.

Tyrone Adams, RCE, CAE Samuel W. Albrecht, CAE Jeffrey W. Arnold, MAM, CAE Beau Ballinger, CAE Jeannie Bernard, CAE Timothy E. Blum, CAE Meridith Bower Holt, CAE Richard G. Bowman, CAE Francine Butler, CMP, CAE Rebecca Campbell, CAE Shannon S. Carter, MA, CAE Craig A. Cheatham, MBA, CAE DebbieLee M. Dougherty, CAE Holly Duckworth, CMP, CAE Nancy J. Erickson, MBA, CAE Kristen Sirovatka Fefes, CAE Lola M. Fehr, RN, MS, FAAN, CAE Allison Gault, MBA, CAE Kimberly A. Gill, CAE Abner Gonsalves, CAE Heidi May Gordon, CAE Rebecca C. Granger, CAE Laurence John Gration, CAE Brian S. Green, CAE Wendy Grillo, CAE Edward J. Hendrickx, CAE Roberta G. Herman, CAE Gregory Hill, CAE Dean Holzkamp, CAE
Ann Renee Hutchison, CAE Tim W. Jackson, CMP, CAE Betty Knecht, CAE Mark P. Koepsell, CAE James J. Krack, CAE Ronald Kruzel, MA, CAE Henry C. Kyle III, MPA, CAE Laura C. Landwirth, CAE Stephanie Lasser, CMP, CAE Lisa Michele Lawrie-Munro, CAE Catherine Leslie, CAE Thad M. Lurie, CIP, MSEd., CAE Julie B. Massaro, CAE C. Diane Matt, CAE David L. May, CCE, CAE Noel Maye, CAE Ann Mehan Crosse, CMP, CAE Dot Miller, CAE Marc S. Mores, CIC,CRM, CAE Sara Dolibois Nakon, CAE Carl O. Norberg, CAE Anne O’Neill, CAE Stan D. Orr, FASAE, CAE Toni Parker, MCP, RCE, CAE Melanie J. Penoyar, CAE Caitlyn Peel Pollihan, IOM, CAE Elizabeth Price, MBA, CAE Grant David Price, MBA, CAE
Marilen Reimer, CAE Sara Reynolds, MPA, CAE Jama Rice, MBA, CAE Lois A. Rice, CAE Sonia Q. Riggs, CAE Curtis Riskey, IOM, CAE Edward C. Rochette, CAE Annette Brokaw Rogers, CAE Rebecca Roland, CAE Lori A. Ropa, CAE Jon R. Runge, CAE Lauren M. Schadle, CAE Dorothy J. Shadrick, MBA, CAE Leslie D. Shivers, CAE Gary Schmidt, CAE Thomas A. Spiess, CAE Stephanie Stephens, CAE Christa K. Stratton, MBA, CAE William J. Teutsch, FASAHP, CAE Joan Tezak, CMP, CAE David Thorp, CAE Ellen Thorp, CAE Laurie Lynn Traetow, CAE Susan Marie Urbanczyk, CAE Spenser Villwock, LEED AP, MNM, CAE Sean R. Walters, CAE Robert E. Weibel, CAE Marilee G. Yorchak, MBA, CAE