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CSAE Listsrv

Get Answers Quick!

Are you stuck and need a quick answer?  A dedicated listsrv for CSAE Professional members allows you to tap into answers from colleagues.

What should be discussed on the listsrv.

Ask your peers for assistance, share association information with them.   Open a discussion on an association topic. Participate in the discussions. Share your knowledge with others.

What types of questions and answers are posted?  Those that relate DIRECTLY to association management such as:

  • Resources: consultants, accountants, attorneys, meeting planning services, software, etc.
  • Recommendations for speakers or programs
  • Sample policies and guidelines
  • Ideas on how to handle difficult board or volunteer situations

What’s not posted: job listings (That’s the function of the CSAE Career Headquarters), ads. this purpose.


Professionals@csaelistsrv.org is open only to Professional CSAE members, no associate/vendor members or non-members. To participate, you must request to do so by sending an email to jt@csae.org. You are not added without your express permission.

You may unsubscribe at any time by sending an email to professionals@csaelistsrv.org with the word Unsubscribe in the subject line.

Send and Reply

To send an email to the list, user your regular email service and enter professionals@csaelistsrv.org in the TO field.

To reply to an email you receive, simply use your reply button. If you want all subscribers to receive your reply, proceed as normal. If you want just the original author of the email to receive your reply, use the author’s email address in the TO field. Be courteous of other subscribers; your reply doesn’t necessarily need to go to everyone.

Your inputs should be courteous and professional.

Ensuring Receipt of Emails

To ensure that you receive CSAE listsrv emails, please add professionals@csaelistsrv.org to your address book or safe list.

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