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An Overview of CSAE

Your Resource. Your Network. Your Association.


Download It Now

CSAE’s New Mobile App

Streamline your membership with CSAE’s new mobile app for phones and tablets.

With the new CSAE App, you can register for events, check the details of events you have registered for, update your member profile, search the member directory, have a complete on-site conference guide at your fingertips. And there’s more planned for the future

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App Basics


Use your current user name and password

Upcoming Events and Registration

Click on Upcoming Events/All Events/Name of Event

Details on the events you’ve registered for

Click on My Events/Name of Event

Who’s Attending the Luncheon?

Click on Attendees

View and Update your Profile

Click on Member Center/Update Account

What’s Happening Next?

Click on Calendar

Member Search

Click on Member Directory/Individual or Organization

Member or Organization Details

Click on photo or circle to left of name

Onsite Conference Details

Click on Conference

Help Using the App

Click on Help button or go to Help on the CSAE website

Get The App

To get the new web-based Mobile App, open a browser on your device and go to mobile.csae.org. Then save the app to your phone or tablet home screen.


Click on Install App or dots in the upper right and select Add/Save to Home Screen.


Click on  then on Add/Save to Home Screen