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How can we help you use the CSAE web site and My CSAE?


Logins, Passwords, CSAE Emails

How do I sign in?

Some website services or functions require you to sign in: event registration, CSAE store, and My CSAE. You sign it by entering your CSAE user name and password. Your default user name is your email address unless you changed it under My Account in the Member Center or created a different one when you joined CSAE after January 1, 2017. You create your own password.

(The Career Headquarters and and Online Webinars are separate services requiring separate passwords.)

How do I set or change my CSAE password?

To create a password, follow the instructions below. You can also download a PDF document with illustrated instructions for Setting Up Your Password

Step 1: Click on log-in, sign in or My CSAE
Step 2: On the Sign In screen, click on Reset Password on the bottom of the text.
Step 3: On the first Reset Password screen, enter your email address and click on SUBMIT
Step 4: The next Reset Password screen confirms that you have been sent an email containing a link to use for setting up your password.
Step 5: Open the email you receive and click on the link, or copy and paste it into your browser.
Step 6: On the Reset Password screen, enter your new password, the re-enter it in the second box. Click on Reset Password.
Step 7: You will then be returned to the Sign In page where you can use your user name and password to sign in.

(The Career Headquarters and On Line Webinar pages have similar instructions and processes on the main page of each service.)

I am not receiving emails from CSAE

If you are not receiving emails from CSAE, there are probably two reasons:

  1. We have an incorrect email address.

Check with us to make sure we have the right address. If you can sign in on the web site, your address is correct.

2. Your server, email service provider, or email client (Outlook, e.g.) is blocking the emails.

Make sure that the following emails are added to your “white list” or “approved sender list” or whatever terminology is used in your system. You may need to contact your IT department or email service supplier.







How do I register for an event?

1.     To register for an event, click on the name of the event on the CSAE Home page, Events page, or Calendar. If you are a CSAE member be sure click on “Members Click Here to Login” button on the Event  Detail page and sign in in order to receive member pricing. Then click on the “Register Now” button. If you are not a member click on the Register Now button.

2.     On the Event Registration page, select a Registration Option, complete/update your registration information, select any other options, then click on Finalize Registration. If you are registering additional individuals, click on Continue.

3.     Choose the credit card you will be using to pay for your registration, complete the credit information and click on Complete Registration.

4.     Check your email for your registration confirmation and receipt.

Adding Additional Registrations

If you are registering additional individuals, click on Continue rather than Finalize Registration on the first registration page in Step 2.  If you are a CSAE member and others in your organization are in our data base, choose that individual from one of the drop down lists. On the next page, select a registration option, complete/update the individuals’s registration information. If you are going to add more individuals, click on Continue. When you have finished adding individuals, click on Finalize Registration and proceed as in Steps 3 and 4.

How do I cancel or change an event registration?

To cancel or change an event registration call (303.650.0301) or email (jt@csae.org) the CSAE office.

Cancellation/Refund Policy
All registration cancellations and refund requests must be made to email at jt@csaenet.org 2 days prior to the event. Refunds will not be given for no-shows. Substitutions of registrations are permitted. Only one substitution is permitted per original registrant. The individual submitting the substitution request is responsible for all financial obligations (any balance due) associated with that substitution.

Can I see a list of the events I have attended?
To see a listing of the CSAE events you have attended, click on My Event History. To see details about a specific event, click on “Details.” If you wish to keep track of your education credits, click on Report Education Credit and enter information about the event. Your education credits will then be summarized below the list of events.
How do I track my education credits?

You can keep track of your CAE or CMP  education credits you can do so in My Event History. Click on My Event History, then on Report on Education Credit. Enter the information about the event you want credit for, including the number of credits the event qualifies for. Click on Add Education Record. Your education credits will then be summarized below the list of events. This is a manual process. There is no automatic tracking of events.


CSAE Mobile App

Download and Use the CSAE Mobile App

Get the App

Open a browser on your device and go to mobile.csae.org

To save to your phone or tablet home screen:


Click on Install App or dots in the upper right and select Save to Home Screen









Click on “Save To”, then on Add to Home Screen









App Basics

Use your current user name and password

Upcoming Events and Registration
Click on Upcoming Events/All Events/Name of Event

Details on the events you’ve registered for
Click on My Events/Name of Event

View and Update your Profile
Click on Member Center/Update Account

Member Search
Click on Member Directory/Individual or Organization

Member or Organization Details
Click on photo or circle to left of name

Onsite Conference Details (Speakers, program, sponsors, etc.)
Click on Conference

Additional Help
Michael Brandt, 303-274-1222, mtbrandt@mrlweb.com



Now What?

I can't find the answer to my question.

If you can’t find the answer to your question in the help section, send an email to Michael Brandt (mtbrandt@mrlweb.com) explaining the problem or give him a call at 303-274-1122. Be sure to provide contact information, phone number or email address, so he can get back to you.



What is My CSAE?

My CSAE is our new member center with special services and features for CSAE members only: Discussion Groups, Membership Renewal, Event History, Transaction History, Membership Directory and My Account.

After clicking on My CSAE at the top of any page on the CSAE web site and signing in, you will land at the My CSAE home page. Any existing  notifications will scroll in a repeating ticker across the top of the page. Information on your membership status also is displayed. If an open invoice does exist and your membership has lapsed, your expiration date is listed, and a link to renew your dues is displayed.

You can access the various MY CSAE sections directly from the home page or from the “hamburger” menu icon on the right hand side.

How do I find another member?
To search for a member, enter a search term in the Search For box, then select a field you wish to search from the drop down menu. Click on Search. You can exclude your information from being viewed by flagging a check box in My Account.
How do I renew my membership or pay my dues?

To renew your CSAE membership and pay your membership dues, click on My Dues Renewal. You can renew and pay your dues anytime after you have received an email dues renewal notification.

How do I update my profile and ophoto?
The My Account section offers members the ability to update your contact info if it ever changes, as well as configure if and when you’d like to receive email communications. Members also have the ability to exclude themselves from the member directory by flagging a check box. If you have changed organizations or need to change the organization information, contact JT at 303.650.0301 or jt@csae.org

Updating Your Profile In Your Browser

Go to www.csae.org
Click on My CSAE
In the Member Center, click on My Account|
Make changes and click on Update Account|
To add your photo
On the Member Center home page or from the Menu in the upper right hand corner, click on My Biography
Click on Choose File, then select a file to upload from your computer. Add biographical information if you want.

Updating Your Profile rom the CSAE App

Click on Member Center/Update Account
Make changes
To add a photo, click on Choose File, then select a file to upload from your computer

Can I see a record of my payments?
To see a history of your payments for CSAE products and services, click on My Payment History. You can get a summary of your payment by clicking on the red monitor icon in the right hand column of the event or purchase. To display a detailed invoice, click on “View Receipt” on the summary page. To print a copy of the receipt, use the print function in your browser.
I need a receipt for my purchase
  1. Log in to My CSAE.
  2. Click on My Payment History.
  3. Click on the red monitor icon in the right hand column of the event or purchase.
  4. At the bottom of the payment summary, click on View receipt to automatically download a copy of the receipt to your computer.

CSAE Community Groups

What are CSAE communities or groups?
CSAE online communities are your connection to an incredible resource – your association colleagues who share your challenges, uncertainties and successes. In these discussion groups, you can have questions answered by your colleagues, get advice, share your experiences and build relationships.
As a community member, you can start new discussion threads and find archived conversations. You can choose to receive notifications of discussions on daily (very early morning) or weekly (Monday mornings) or even not at all. You can change your options at any time.
To access CSAE’s communities,
  1. Login to Communities or My CSAE at the top of case.org. If you haven’t created a password yet, click on Help for instructions.
  2. After logging in, click on Discussion Groups and select the appropriate group.
How do I join, start, or leave a group?

Join a Group

On the group listing page, click on Join Group which sends an email request to the group administrator. You will receive an email from the group administrator indicating that you have been approved or not approved for group membership.

Start a New Group

Contact JT at 303-650-0301 or jt@csae.org with your request.

Leave A Group

If you really want to leave, select Withdraw from the Group from the Group Menu link.

How do I use CSAE community groups

The easiest way to learn about using the Groups is to download the following document:

How to Use CSAE’s Online Communities

For specific questions, contact support@csae.org

Using the CSAE Listsrv

Who Can Participate?

CSAE Professional Members nly

How to Subscribe/Unsubscribe

Professionals@csaelistsrv.org is open only to Professional CSAE members, no associate/vendor members or non-members. To participate, you must request to do so by sending an email to jt@csae.org. You are not added without your express permission.

You may unsubscribe at any time by sending an email to professionals@csaelistsrv.org with the word Unsubscribe in the subject line.

How to Send and Reply

To send an email to the list, user your regular email service and enter professionals@csaelistsrv.org in the TO field.

To reply to an email you receive, simply use your reply button. If you want all subscribers to receive your reply, proceed as normal. If you want just the original author of the email to receive your reply, use the author’s email address in the TO field. Be courteous of other subscribers; your reply doesn’t necessarily need to go to everyone.

Your inputs should be courteous and professional.

What should be discussed on the listsrv.

Ask your peers for assistance, share association information with them.   Open a discussion on an association topic. Participate in the discussions. Share your knowledge with others.

What types of questions and answers are posted?  Those that relate DIRECTLY to association management such as:

  • Resources: consultants, accountants, attorneys, meeting planning services, software, etc.
  • Recommendations for speakers or programs
  • Sample policies and guidelines
  • Ideas on how to handle difficult board or volunteer situations

What’s not posted: job listings (That’s the function of the CSAE Career Headquarters), ads. this purpose.

How to Ensure Receipt of Emails

To ensure that you receive CSAE listsrv emails, please add professionals@csaelistsrv.org to your address book or safe list.