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Member to Member Campaign

Learn how YOU and CSAE win when you get a new member to join by May 31, 2018

Refer a New Member and Win! . . .

Everyone wins when the CSAE community gets stronger. When you recruit a new member, you are eligible to win a cash prize – and CSAE wins by having a new member to contribute, engage and grow. Join Me in growing our community by asking any of the following people to become a member today:

  • Your colleague who is new to association management
  • The lobbyist you are working with who wants to expand his client base
  • The supplier who provides your association with a se
  • rvice and wants more association clients
  • Your friend at a not-for-profit who works to serve volunteers and members with limited resources
  • The consultant you are working with on a key project
  • Your peer who is looking to advance his networking and career

Tools to Help You Recruit

  • Elevator Speech and Talking Points
  • Flyer – Top 5 Reasons to Become a Member
  • Sample Social Media Posts
  • Association Membership Infographic
  • Associate Member Resource
  • Application Form
  • Member to Member Program Details
  • Spread the Word: Send Us Your Prospects to Add to Our Mailing List

Download the tools, rules, and information


New Members Joining CSAE: July 1, 2017-YTD

How the Campaign Works!

  1. Identify the prospective member
  2. Encourage them to join
  3. Have them list your name in the referral field when applying as an association professional or associate member
  4. Pat yourself on the back for doing something good today

How You Win!

Monthly Drawings: $100 cash. For each new member you get during the month, you will receive an entry in the monthly drawing: 1 member=1 entry

Grand Prize Drawing:  $500 cash. For each new member you get during the campaign, you will receive an entry in the monthly drawing: 1 member=1 entry.

When you refer a member you will:

  • Be entered into a monthly drawing for $100
  • Have your name listed on the CSAE Website
  • Have your name listed in Briefly Speaking
  • Receive podium recognition at the PEAK luncheons

I’m in the running

Carole Walker
Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association
Heidi Gordon, CAE
American Council of Engineering Companies of Colorado
Keith Segundo
Limitless Association Solution Resource
Rachel Massman
Colorado Safety Associatiohn
Rhonda Scurek
Housing and Building Association of Colorado Springs
Susan Urbanczyk
American Snowsports Education Association