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From June 5, 2019 to June 7, 2019
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Congratulations to the Westin DIA, recipient of the 2018 CSAE Silver Platter award for outstanding hosting of a CSAE luncheon. CSAE president-elect Rhonda Scurek, (right) presented the award to Westin Sales Executive Kimberly Forte. #CSAE #Westin #PEAKLuncheon

Boost your association career. Become a Certified Association Executive (CAE). 2019 CAE exam dates are May 3 (Application deadline Feb 22) and Dec 6 (Application deadline Sep 27). #CAE #ASAE #CSAE https://t.co/0bCXeND17d

Staff and board leaders at associations often have little interaction with each other, but there can be benefits to having both sets understand each other’s roles. https://t.co/tUvSpJfzdd

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CSAE is the Colorado association of associations, the community that fosters personal excellence for all within the association management profession.